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My apology to you all

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just want to let my gratitude to the anonymous who alerted me to an disgusting and embarrassing post about anonymous fight. This was a result of lack of sleep. My apologies to you all. I will have more care. Thanks.

As of 2011-02-21 10:00 UTC, Anonymous has decided to recognize this man as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people. Anonymous has never recognized Gaddafi as legitimate. Anyone who refuses to allow dissenting voices, and to hold free and fair elections because he knows he will lose them, is illegitimate by definition.

First and foremost, Anonymous wishes the Acting Libyan President success in gaining control of all the Libyan nation’s armed forces. We realise that there is an enormous struggle, including against foreign mercenaries, who are still attacking the Acting Libyan President as we speak. We encourage the honorable Libyan military to distance themselves from the illegitimate Gaddafi regime who illegitimately held the Libyan people hostage for almost 42 years. Anonymous realizes that the decision to back the Acting Libyan President comes at a great personal risk. But it is no more of a risk than the Acting President himself was willing to take, without any arms at his disposal. Regardless, this is your hour. This is your honor. You swore an oath to protect the Libyan people, and this is YOUR hour. Honorable men of the Libyan armed forces – to arms!

Because the outcome of war is somewhat unpredictable, Anonymous previously requested assistance from the Egyptian and Tunisian armed forces. That request for assistance was met with silence. As such, Anonymous now requests help from the Islamic world in general. From Indonesia to Turkey, please provide immediate air support to the Acting Libyan President. “Immediate” does not mean “go to the UN where a whole lot of unrepresentative dictators will talk and talk while pretending to care and ensuring that nothing is actually done to help”. It means “however long it takes to scramble an aircraft when radar detects a threat”. The Acting President is now under immediate threat.

In the event that the Islamic world does not respond positively within 8 hours, ie by 2011-02-21 18:00 UTC, Anonymous requests NATO intervention, noting that the Islamic world did not oppose NATO assistance to the Kosovars in 1999, and Anonymous believes that Libyans are just as important as Kosovars.

Due to historical and cultural issues, and with no intended disrespect, Anonymous asks that the previous colonial powers of UK, France and Italy do not participate in this action, and that the only spokesman for the action should be Turkish. We also ask that this action, like Kosovo, be limited to the air. Special forces as were used in Afghanistan are also acceptable. Possession of foreign national flags is completely unacceptable. Possession of the pre-Gaddafi Libyan flag is acceptable. As soon as the NATO special forces have made contact with the Acting President’s forces, such that the President’s forces can direct air support, the NATO special forces must leave, such that there are no foreign troops in Libya, and no occupation, and no civil war and absolute minimum damage.

Also note that we expect this action to be taken against the foreign mercenaries on Gaddafi’s payroll. Foreign mercenaries who are only “brave” when shooting unarmed Libyans, and will quickly fall when faced with men who can shoot back. Anonymous knows that in their hearts, the brave Libyan soldiers are on the side of the brave Libyan people.


Protect your links, to short ones

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

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This is a call to arms. This is a call for the the freedom fighters. For the outliers. For the forgotten. This is a call for intellectuals. A call for journalists. This is a call for free thinkers. A call for the intelligentsia. This is a call for poets. A call for the strong. And a call for the weak. This is a call to the youth. To the wise. To the clever.

We are asking for you to join us. We exist in the the streets of Tokyo. To the heights of New York. From the bellows of Paris. To the pillars of Munich. From the frost bitten square of Moscow. To the cobble streets of Dublin. This is a call to the world. To the youth. Join us for the freedom of information.
This is a call to arms. We are anonymous. We are asking for you to join us. Search for us and you shall find us. We are among you. We are of you. Everyone you speak to is potentially a member of anonymous. We have no leaders. Only direction. We have no targets. Only outcomes. We cannot be stopped, because we are an idea. We cannot be removed, because we are transparent.
If you attempt to mock us, we will mock ourselves. If you attempt to slander us then we will adopt your slanders. We are the court jesters holding daggers. We are the dancing bear who mauls the laughing crowd. We are the gypsies and the tricksters.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forget.
We do not forgive.
Expect us, as we expect you.

Free unmonitored internet in Libya


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