Wikileaks – RuLeaks: Putin is Building 1bn ‘Palace’ (Photos)

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Vladimir Putin’s 1bn ‘Palace,’ allegedly taken by construction workers and handed over to RuLeaks, Russian version of Wikileaks
RuLeaks, a Russian version of Wikileaks, was reportedly taken down by sophisticated cyber warriors on Wednesday, making it inaccesible to its Russian readers. RuLeaks is not part of the Wikileaks project headed by Julian Assange, but was launched a month ago with the initative of Russian whistle-blowers who decided to expose political corruption in Russia in wikileaks-style.
It was about a month ago when an unnamed Kremlin official reportedly said that Julian Assange was a hero and perhaps deserved a Nobel Prize. The official might have changed his mind, or have a different opinion of those whistle-blowers who, instead of taking on the U.S., expose corruption in the highest echelons of Russian government. Read more


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