wikileaks – Just spoke to Vodafone CSR in Egypt. He said…

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

“I called Vodafone today because our phone was blocked even though we had paid the bill. It turned out that it was because the second bill was due, which was $70 dollars, The CSR guy insisted on double checking the payments though, and while he was checking we made small talk.

It turned out that he is in Egypt. I was very surprised and excited about this, yet still cautious as I was unsure about what was appropriate to say. trying to be neutral, I asked him how everything was for them at the moment (dumb question much??) He replied excitedly, saying something along the lines of “it’s crazy over here…. it’s … fuuuu-..c….. yeah. well lots is happening…” (obviously realizing he just swore to a customer and was trying to cover it up) we continued talking about it neutrally before I finally asked if he was in support of the whole thing. He told me that he was finishing work in a few hours and is going out this evening to join the protesting. He then proceeded to tell me that the call was being recorded in a manner which suggested he shouldn’t be talking about it. I apologized to him for “possibly getting him into any trouble”

he said not to worry and we continued talking about the situation. He confirmed that the internet is down over there as well as many mobile services.

I offered him all of my support and my very best luck for his cause and his safety in the protesting tonight.

He then told me that although we did in fact have to pay the $70 to get the phone unblocked, he had fixed this for us by giving us a $70 credit, bringing the bill back to $0 and therefore unblocking the phone. I objected, saying he would be in trouble for doing so, but he insisted, he said he was already in trouble and it didn’t matter anyway. He told me to think of it as a thank you for our support. I then thanked him very very much, and again offered my support before we hung up from each other.


TL;DR: An Egyptian call centre guy gave us a $70 credit on our phone bill as a thank you for our support for the egyptian people.” Read more here


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