Egypt: ‘The army and the people are one’

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

p2pnet view P2P | Freedom:- The Egyptian cabinet has resigned “at the command of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak”, says Haaretz, as anti-government rioting continues there and in Tunisia.
Mubarrak appointed former air force commander and aviation minister Ahmed Shafiq as the new prime minister, “in efforts to stem popular rage against his autocratic regime. The move ensures that men with military links are in the top three political jobs”, says the story, going on:
“Shafiq’s appointment followed announcement earlier on Saturday that Omar Suleiman, the intelligence chief with military experience, would be vice president and in prime position for the top job if Mubarak does not run for president again in September.”
In another post, “More than 100,000 Egyptians from all walks of life gathered on Saturday at the central square in Cairo, as military officers stationed in the area embraced the protesters, chanting ‘the army and the people are one – hand in hand’, says Haaretz, stating:
“The military officers removed their helmets as they were hoisted up by the crowd in ecstasy.”
Anonymous activists in both countries set the political fires which still rage, threatening to sweep through North Africa as Algeria, too, tries to deal with angry citizens bent on bringing drastic political change to their country. And if Egypt goes down, Syria would probably follow.

“Anonymous and Operation Egypt is remains active and continues to grow despite the Internet being down since midnight Friday, Egyptian time”, says Raidz (from whence came the pic on the right), adding >>>
Anonymous has been busy on a number of projects. One involves distributing information on how to set up a international dial-up connection. Another involves sending faxes into Egypt (partial details here) of the just released Wikileaks cables regarding human rights abuses and widespread corruption within the Egyptian establishment. And here is some useful information for the ham radio lovers out there.

Various other information regarding opEgypt can be found here
Anonymous operations change rapidly and some of the information on the above Pastebin links may need to be updated.
If you want to take part in Operation Egypt or have questions, it’s best to join the IRC server, channel #opEgypt. If you do not have an IRC client, a web based IRC chat can be found at this location.
Meanwhile, over in the UK …
… the question remains hanging:
Will Anons follow through with their promise to disrupt the UK government following the arrest of five people alleged to have been involved in pro-WikiLeaks online actions? Read more


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