New York Times Robbery of Wikileaks

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Bill Keller’s New York Times screed against Julian Assange and Wikileaks only lightly touches on the money being made by the media from the Wikileaks initiative. Keller, like the Times’s owners and their Guardian, Der Spiegel and media counterparts are wealthy persons thanks to a lucrative empire exploiting sources like Assange and the Wikileaks document submitters.
Keller owns two multi-million dollar apartments in Manhattan, one a penthouse, and another place in the country, though not quite as luxurious as the Times’s owners, the principal among them one of the richest people in the world, not to overlook the mansions like that of millionaire journalists Thomas Friedman.
Assange’s property consists of a laptop, a cellphone, clothes on his back — which Keller ridicules.
Keller is paid millions per year in salary, perquisites and stock options. Until recently Assange worked mostly for free with handouts for expenses and places to bunk overnight.
Kller is limousined to work daily, Assange wears an ankle bracelet.
Keller has lunch in the Times’s executive dining room surrounded by kiss-up officials and kick-down advertisers. Assange is on the dole in a temporary supporter’s digs awaiting the hammer of justice.
Keller calls Assange eccentric as if unlike those inhabiting the Times’s boardroom and executive suites.
Keller says Assange is merely a source, not a partner. And nothing was paid for the highly valuable Wikileaks material. Then slurs Assange as an unshowered slacker with technical skills Keller admits lacking — foolishly thinking online-spy-easy Skype is more secure than telephone — as well-barbered, manicured and perfumed executives often do when cutting personnel to boost their salaries and investors’ profits.
Keller muses on imitating the Wikileaks model but says nothing about the money to be made by the rip-off, instead vaunts how the Times version will be more trustworthy and reliable. Even goes so far as to brag the Times publishes documents too, not just editorial gloss of them. Then carefully preens shamelessly about how the Times met repeatedly with US government representatives to vet Wikileaks documents before publication. Read more

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