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Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

ianamcd Google allowing people in Egypt to send Twitter message by dialing phone number and leaving a voicemail:

JacobPark RT @glcarlstrom Scenes from Tahrir Square: Some short video clips from today’s protest. #jan25 #egypt

ProducerMatthew RT @ProducerMatthew: Just in: Egypt’s Information Minister says cell phone service will be shut off within the next hour – Al Jazeera Arabic

acarvin RT @acarvin: RT @RiverDryFilm: A priest and an imam stand, hands together, aloft, as the crowd chants “WE ARE AS ONE HAND” #Jan25 #Egypt

NukeFreeFood RT @jerusalempost: Analysis: Egypt realities running ahead of Mubarak

bbcworld RT @bbcworld: Germany extends travel advisory on Egypt; warns people not to go to Red Sea tourist spots Reuters

followerback China says web ‘open’ despite Egypt news curbs (AFP) –

altorgoman RT @bbclysedoucet: Tahrir Square is an event now: queues for men & women; military and civilian checkpoints; poster makers, food distributors #Jan25 #Egypt

Anony_Ops RT @Anony_Ops: Egypt’s powerful army has vowed it will not use force against the protesters. #jan25 #Egypt

BreakingNews RT @BreakingNews: Bribery demands reported at chaotic Cairo airport as 4,500 stranded passengers try to flee Egypt – AP


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