wikileaks, anonymous, check this!?!?!?

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

For some time now I’ve identified the Koch Brothers as the most easily visible, singular face of whats truly wrong in America.

They have bankrolled “grassroots” movements for conservative views on every issue in recent memory, The Tea Party, Climate-change science denial, and opposition to literally every piece of legislation to come out of the Obama administration. The Koch Bro’s combined wealth is only exceeded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, yet I believe they are only the tip of the iceberg for lobbying and special interests…as well as feeding the FOX news/conservative media echo-chamber.
I found this weekends news of protest at a secret “Bilderberg-style” meeting organized by the Koch Bros to be incredibly uplifting. The people are waking up to their true enemies. But, with the exception of MSNBC, the media’s mention of the protest has been minimal if anything.

Little is known about the Koch brother’s business dealings or stockholders, and even less is known about their behind-the-scenes dealings in American politics. We need to ride this weekend’s momentum and get “The Koch Brothers” in the news as much as possible this month. Because even if the news is biased & skewed, a simple google search can lead someone to discover who the Koch Bros are & give them an idea of how far their influence reaches.

EDIT: Heres a list of Koch Industries affiliates from their website
Invista B.V.
Koch-Glitsch, LP
Koch Membrane Systems, Inc.
Koch Heat Transfer Company, LP
John Zink Company, LLC
Optimized Process Designs, Inc.
Koch Knight LLC
Flint Hills Resources LLC,
Koch Pipeline Company, L.P.
Koch Alaska Pipeline Company, LLC
Koch Carbon, LLC
Koch Exploration Company, LLC
Koch Fertilizer, LLC



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