Gunfire in Cairo as clashes leave five dead, 600 injured

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Cairo, Feb 3: Gun shots rang out today in Cairo’s Tahrir Square as violent clashes broke out between anti- and pro-Hosni Mubarak protesters leaving five people dead and over 600 injured.

The running clashes took place for over 12 hours with daybreak witnessing an escalation in the deteriorating situation as gunfire was being heard in this city of 18 million. Faced with the escalating protests, the octogenarian president has said he would step down only at the end of his term in September.

The pro-Mubarak supporters – some of them on horses and camels – plunged into the protesters and lashed out with sticks on Wednesday. Anti-Mubarak supporters initially retreated but came back in force and surrounded some of the horsemen and pulled them down from their steed. The horsemen were left bloodied.

The anti-Mubarak protesters continued to remain defiant in the face of the attacks mounted on them as their protest entered the 10th day.

Witnesses told the media that the two latest victims were anti-government protesters who died from gunshot. A soldier was among the three killed late on Wednesday.

Salma, a young activist camping out in the square, said she would not leave until Mubarak and his entire government resigned. Read here

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