Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi all.

First thanks for your visit.

I’ve tried to upload the most important news about Wkileaks, Tunisia revolution, and Egypt as well, at 5h in the morning each day before going to work. Since I don´t see any movements from anonymous except all kind of videos and newsletters that I also, stupid, posted, I’ll not suport any longer this “cult Fashion Movement”. I’m not being clear? well, I intend to post here a letter from me to all anonymous. Stay tuned.

  1. Anonymous says:

    What do you expect? That anon goes out on the streets guns in hand and takes the revolution in to our on hands? We are spreading the word and making it possible for every one to post their ideas, photos and videos safely under the name of Anonymous.

    I would gladly go on the streets and fight, if i had any one by my side. Which i don’t! Will you join me on i fight for freedom? Will you get me up if i ge shoot? Will you clean my wounds when i’m bleeding? Will you tell my family that i died fighting?
    I would! Will you?

    What are you expecting form Anon that Anon is not delivering?

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