Nader to Obama: Why voting rights for Egypt, but not Washington, D.C.?

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Why does the Obama administration favor “free and fair elections” in Egypt but not in Washington, D.C., Ralph Nader wrote Wednesday in a letter to President Obama.

Nader, the consumer advocate who twice ran on the Green Party’s presidential ticket, pressed Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on voting rights for D.C. residents, in light of the situation in Egypt.

“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reflected your sentiments when she commented on the Egyptian uprising with the words ‘We want to see free and fair elections,'” Nader wrote.

“But in the District of Columbia, where you and Secretary Clinton reside, there are no ‘free and fair elections’ for electing representatives with full voting rights to Congress,” he added. “There is only the continual disenfranchisement –unique to all other national capital cities in purported democracies—for the hundreds of thousands of voting age citizens in the District of Columbia.”

Obama’s stated support for District voting rights, and Democrats had been optimistic last Congress about the chances to advance legislation to do so. Read here

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