ROB LONAKER: LETTER FROM A SOLDIER’S PARENT TO ISRAEL – Letter from a Soldier’s Parent to Israel

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dear Israel,

My son Jeff, a U.S. Army soldier, is sworn to defend Israel against all its enemies. At least that’s how his commanding officers and the guys in his squad figure it, because America and Israel have exactly the same interests. Our countries are like one. Perfect allies!

Plus, like his mother and me, his whole platoon is Christian and proud of it. He has his Bible study every day, so he knows how important Israel and the Jewish people are to God. His platoon wants to fulfill God’s plan, so they fight hard for you, Israel. They all love you. And to prove it, they’re dying for you.

Lately something’s been bothering Jeff, though. It seems a lot of Americans have found convincing evidence of explosives used to bring down the towers on 9/11. And it’s direct evidence, as the lawyers say: video, eyewitness, and chemical evidence.

Problem is, no one in the media or government will look at the evidence, even though most of it has come to light only since 2009. That’s weird, because 9/11 was a pretty important event. Jeff is constantly reminded by his captain that 9/11 is the main reason his squad is in Afghanistan, fighting and dying for you, Israel.

Here’s the strange part: Not one prominent Jewish person is asking for an investigation of this evidence.

We all know how much influence the Jews and Israel have over our politicians and the media. Don’t get me wrong – I mean, it’s great! The Israel Lobby makes sure every congressman and senator is being sensitive to even the smallest issue that affects Israel. You guys do a good job pressuring every last member of Congress to vote to fund each holocaust memorial service – and it seems likes there’s another one, somewhere, every couple weeks!

Best of all, you always make sure no one criticizes Israel. We all know that’s hate speech by definition! And your mechanisms for punishing politicians who slip up, by defunding their campaigns and trashing them in the press, or throwing them in jail like Jim Traficant, is nothing short of genius. Your organizational skills are amazing.

So Jeff can’t understand why Jewish leaders don’t want anyone to investigate the explosives found in the dust around Manhattan on 9/11.

Why are you silent, Israel? Read more


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