Irony Alert: Obama Pushes for End to Egypt’s Emergency Law, Extension of US Patriot Act

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sometimes the irony of two news events that happen on the same day is almost surreal. Today, we have news that the Obama administration is pushing the Mubarak government to immediately end the Egypt’s “Emergency Law,” which gives the President sweeping powers to violate the rights of the country’s citizens.
From Jack Tapper’s “White House Continues to Publicly Pressure Egyptian Government, Saying It Has Agreed to ‘Clear Policy of No Reprisals,’ Immediate Revocation of Emergency Law“:
For years the U.S. has been pressing the Egyptians to rescind the 1967 Emergency Law, which gives broad powers to Mubarak and his government that they have used to essentially do whatever they want in the name of security regardless of civil liberties or constitutional protections. Mubarak has been dragging his feet, saying his government first needs to have a counterterrorism law written to take its place.
Today Vice President Biden pushed Suleiman to “immediately” rescind the law, according to a White House statement. LINK HERE


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