URGENT, URGENT : Stop the Switch!

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Stop the Switch!

Inspired by Egypt’s ability to cut off internet access to almost all of its people, governments around the world are racing to develop the same kind of “internet kill switch.” As we saw in Egypt, information blackouts created by shutting off the internet, fundamentally deny people their freedom of speech, prevent them from doing business online, and stop them from communicating with their friends and family. The spectre of an internet kill switch is now facing people living in democracies and dictatorships alike — there is even an “internet kill switch” bill before the U.S. Congress!

The “internet kill switch” can work in one of two ways: either by giving the government the legal authority to demand that all internet service providers (ISPs) shut down, or by configuring a “switch” that controls their country’s entire internet infrastructure. We need a massive movement of internet users committed to protecting an open internet for all. Please sign the urgent petition below, which we’ll deliver to those countries cosnsidering the switch, and globally to the United Nations which is meeting soon to discuss freedom of speech online.



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