Algeria protests take place amid 30,000 police deployment

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

A real tussle between the government and the opposition is gaining momentum as the wind of revolt that is currently shaking the Arab world continues. Following the Tunisian and Egyptian popular revolts, a demonstration for “change in the system” is expected to take place in several Algerian cities Saturday despite a ban on any such gatherings.

Algeria is holding its breath. Saturday’s demonstration, announced by the new Coordination Nationale pour le Changement et la Démocratie (CNCD — National Coordination for Change and Democracy), expected to take place in Algiers and several other cities, will go ahead, notwithstanding a ban on any such demonstrations by the Algerian authorities.

How will the government react? Will the masses join the protests? This will a real test for both the government and opposition. Formed on January 21 in the wake of a protest march against the high cost of living, which left 5 people dead and over 800 injured, CNCD is seeking a systemic “change” in Algeria.

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