Israel continues to act as an apartheid state

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dr Derek O’Flynn will eventually have to accept the apartheid nature of the regime which he serves (Write Back, February 10).
Many credible leaders in the world have done so; for example, former US president Jimmy Carter, who wrote a book called Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.
Bishop Desmond Tutu said that “the situation here [Palestine] is worse than that of apartheid South Africa”.
In the Holy Land, Palestinians are forced to carry identification cards at all times when travelling from city to city and they must apply for a permit to travel.
Palestinian Christians and Muslims are not allowed to buy, rent or lease land in 93% of the state of Israel because they are not Jewish.
Israel takes 85% of the Palestinian water resources and the remaining 15% is divided between Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.
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