Still Smarting, Anonymous Releases 20,000 More HBGary Emails

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

More e-mail messages believed to belong to HBGary Federal Chief Operating Officer Greg Hoglund were posted online Sunday, fulfilling a promise by online mischief making group Anonymous to further embarrass the Washington D.C. security firm, whose CEO aroused the ire of the hacktivists last week.

A 2 gigabyte file titled “HBGary More Leaked Emails” was posted on the file swapping Website The Pirate Bay on Sunday and purports to be a collection of some 27,000 email messages from Hoglund, a noted malware researcher who is an expert on rootkits, among other topics.

In a statement accompanying the post, Anonymous claimed it was releasing Hoglund’s e-mail to retaliate for the COO’s threats to “bring down” Anonymous with the help of law enforcement. LINK HERE

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