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Im not posting nothing yet because I’m 100% working with others anons to GIVE YOU A great TOOL to help you all. In couple of hours I’ll post a link to this tool. Stay tuned, and good luck. we will do what we can, to help you all. BE STRONG. YOU ALL ARE OUR PRIDE.




LIVE Realtime Updates from the Organizers on the ground

Estimate For Wednesday Protest In Tehran Is 25,000
A message posted by the organisers of the demonstrations on the 25 Bahman Facebook site seemed to indicate that there might be more protests.
“The 25 Bahman group will try to announce the programme of protests for tonight and tomorrow shortly,” it read.

A Message To The Iranian Government From Anonymous –

Send FREE SMS Messages To Iran Online

Guide to Safety and Victory in Street Confrontations l

VERY useful page of general realtime info on Iran:

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Martin Luther King, Jr
Special Instructions From Iranian Street Activist On Confronting The Iranian Secret Police Known As The Basij – The Religeous Militia

It should be note that the Basij are specifically targeting the weak, young, & frail. In 100% of the Youtube videos you see a slightly built kid or old man being ganged up on by 2-6 men. If you ever see a well built or muscular youth he usuaully beats the hell out of them. Pls tweet these tips, that most street/guerrila fighters use.

NOTE : only use when faced with life threatening force or firearms. Gear

-Wear a kevlar vest or even two if you can find them
-Wear tight clothes, tight belt, strong shoe laces
-Wear oil or suntan lotion so you cannot be gripped
-Wear an athletic supporter or CUP to protect againt groin kicks
-Do not wear loose clothes; that can be strangled or twisted around you
-Get brass knuckles or a piece of metal that can be bent over fist with rubber
-Small piece of wood with three nails in it to fit in fist.
-Put talcum powder in pockets and throw in eyes
-Carry water pistols with bleach
-Carry small razors
-Tape clubs to both outer-legs under pants

Fighting tips:
-Always run; if cornered or outnumbered, strike first and hard, retreat immediately
-Most will be stunned by ingenious but savage nature of your response. That gives time to strike others or flee
-Never stop moving, twisting, trashing; use legs for traction
-Always approach sideways; with the width of your body, so smallest area is exposed
-Punch into the throat: this cuts off breathing
-Swipe legs to trip and push over
-Poke into eyes
-Bite onto fingers; and clamp down
-Twist arms backward, elbow above shoulder to break
-Hit the upper back of head, not front (too thick) or sides (easy to miss) The goal is to stun, strike and flee.

Most people try to box, become indignant and want to retaliate or go into submission while they are winning. These tactics are primitive and instill terror and tap into humans inate self-preservation instincts. Your opponent will be in shock as whether your next bite will be to jugular or to rip out an eye.
Fight dirty — that is your only hope, and their worst fear.


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MANAMA, Bahrain — More than 50 armored vehicles were seen heading toward central Manama on Thursday shortly after police firing tear gas and wielding clubs cleared anti-government protesters from a landmark square.

Police destroyed a makeshift encampment at Pearl Square, which had become the hub for demands to bring sweeping political changes to the kingdom,

The main opposition group Al Wefaq said at least two people were killed in the pre-dawn assault, which was littered with flattened tents, trampled banners and broken glass. There was no official word on deaths or injuries, but hospitals reported dozens of people being brought in with wounds and respiratory problems from the tear gas. LINK HERE

bahrain: no commets

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The speech on internet freedom by Secretary of State Clinton overnight Australian time contains some thoughtful observations about the connection between online communication, politics and freedom. It’s also a display of the most remarkable hypocrisy from the Government at the centre of attempts to destroy Wikileaks.

Clinton, or her State Department staffers, are smart enough to understand the essential sterility of the debate over the role of social media in recent uprisings in the Middle East. This is a debate in which the likes of Malcolm Gladwell and Evgeny Morozov have become ever shriller (and ever more reliant on counter-factuals) in attempting to downplay the role of online media in events on the ground in countries like Egypt, even as protesters themselves hailed the importance of Facebook and Twitter in enabling them to spread information about demonstrations. LINK HERE